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SewARd's Success

In 1962, Tandy Industries of Tulsa, Oklahoma proposed the construction of a new city in Alaska, the first 21st century city to ever be built. It was to be a completely domed city, with no cars, and huge public malls. Inside, 70,000 people would live in state-of-the-art apartments springing from exquisite architectural forms. Inside the city dome it would always be 62 degrees, avocadoes and mangos could be grown in the terraformed ground below. It would be accessible via a climate-controlled sky tram from downtown Anchorage, or by water taxi across the Knik Arm. The name of the town was to be Seward's Success. It would be the epicenter of the new oil industry in Alaska, as billions of barrels of oil were exhumed from the North Slope. This was the original destination of Alaska's first 'bridge to nowhere'. It would have been the EPCOT of the North. It should have been built.

Using augmented reality, and online virtual worlds it will begin to come to life. Over the next few years, as the New Up Cache project unwinds, Seward's Success will be under construction. It will be available on both Junaio and Layar, in alternate versions.



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