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KONR Augmented

Working with local radio station 106.1 KONR we made an augmented radio show featuring work by a several local and international artists, but all specifc to Anchorage. The show included songs by local Alaskan artists that are on rotation at the station. The songs were aesthetically geolocated around Anchorage. The show also included an ongoing collaborative project with Joshua Medsker and the zine Twenty-Four Hours called the Decline of Northern Civilization. This documentary style project looked at the spaces inhabited by the Anchorage punk scene in the 80s and 90s. Voice over tracks and photographs were placed in memorable hangouts from Anchorage's past such as Mammoth Music, the Firehouse Cafe, Gigs etc. Another documentary project came from Sydney, Australia by way of Warren Armstrong, called Things I Thin You Should Know. It featured 11 sound recordings of Australians talking about issues pertinent to their lives and was collaged in the style of a zine.





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