Fat Martian Viral Sandwich

"The Fat Sandwich of time and space"
--Baltimore Gabstien on Robokonon & the Cosmic Coed

img. #3.0 ((COSMIC CO-ED IMAGE MACROS)), sans 00.01/52.04%
Fat sandwiches originated in the Grease Trucks of New Brunswick, NJ on the Rutgers downtown campus. They are the ultimate in what could be called hyper-hipster-haute-cum-transhuman-metal style anything goes space dumpster cuisine on a hoagie roll. Robokonon & the Cosmic Co-Ed is a resaerch project dedicated to the aesthetic of the fat sandwich.

img. #1.0 ((God's Love (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) ))

img. 2.0 ((Robokonon's 'Roboka-Maru", a psycho-sexual spiritual practice.))


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