new media artist


Anchorage Narratives

'Paid in Kind',
Anchorage Narratives 1
written by Kris Farmen

'How We Made Summer Fish Camp', Anchorage Narratives 2
written by Angela Yatlin Gonzalez

'Mudcakes and Shrew',
Anchorage Narratives 3
written by Dawnell Smith

'The Enchanted Drum',
Anchorage Narratives 4
written by Ademola Bello
Cheechako Wizard Suicide Runners (Mobile AR Videogame Targets)

Roadside Ghosts, Toursits with Cameras, Pull-off

Naked Time Traveler, Tidewater Terminus, Seals

Boretide, Dirigible Pilot Bread

Dipnetting on Kalifornsky Beach, Campfires

Dirigible, Domed City

Shapeshifting Birds in a Cloudberry Patch, Blimps
Cheechako Wizard Suicide Runners (Geo-AR Hammerspaces)

AR Hammerspaces (Butterknot, Dirigible Roe, Quantum Fish Slime)

Subarctic Adventure AR Hammerpsace
Subarctic Adventure (form the Cheechako Wizard Suicide Runners Mobile AR Videogame)

Arctic Adventure Haunted Hammerspace

Arctic Adventure Haunted Hammerspace

Nevada Smith Redux, Suicide Run from Seward's Success
Sourpunk, Cyberdough

Sourpunk, Cyberdough
AR Videogame story on the Homer Spit

Start Level at Bunnell Street
AR Videogame story on the Homer Spit

Space Weather Entrance
AR Videogame story on the Homer Spit

Tarpville on the Beluga Slough
AR Videogame story on the Homer Spit
Cachemasters of Pixel Fjords (Targets)

Hairy Man on the
Summer Tundra

Qupqugiaq, Pack Ice

Land Otter Safety Patrol

Space Weather
(Northern Lights)

Fireweed, Glacier

Dumpster, Ravens
Cachemasters of Pixel Fjords (Augments)

Qupqugiaq Augments
(video game collecting pilot bread and fireweed)

Dumpster, Ravens Augments

Northern Lights Augments

Land Otter/ Moose Nugget Augments

Non-Local: Cosmic Constant MRPG
at Noxious Sector Projects, Seattle, WA

Non-Local: Cachemasters of Pixel Fjords
at the Alaska Humanities Forum during the Latitude event

Non-Local: A Few Notes Concerning Alaskan Death Metal
Screengrab from Cirque Magazine


Seward's Success
Geolocative AR of the unbuilt city of Seward's Success

Exit Glacier
Geolocative AR of 5 of the former termini at Exit Glacier
Built on location in Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward, AK

Anchorage, AK
(During a white-out)

Leg Godt Inuksuit
Various collaborative lego -style inuksuit made with kids in Alaska.

Architeuthis, aka Archie
AR giant squid made from description
in 'Spook Country'

Dena'ina Caches
AR ethnogeography of the Upper
Cook Inlet are based on Shem
Pete's Alaska


Robokonon & the Cosmic Co-Ed
(site traffic data used to generate conceptual art projects for a website)

Average Extraterrestrials
(all alien characters from Star Wars and Star Trek averaged together)

(the Calypsos from 'Cat's Cradle' translated into Binary)

Pantyhose Over Her Face
(performance artist wears pantyhose all day, performed in Tallinn, Estonia)

Cosmic Image Macros
(web speak and space image macros)
Reality Hacks

>H/H+ Badass Meme-Rider Re-Imagining of the <Y2K Flow Chart for the Occidental Memeology of the Aesthetic of 'Cool'

New Media Age Tag Cloud of Literary Punk from the Stone Age to the Omega Point, Possibly Cirrus

Kurt Vonnegut's Asshole as a Structuralist Diagram of Donald Rumsfeld's Theory of the Unknown

Chaos Magickian's Reality Hack of Rosalind Krauss's Amazing, Technicolor Expanded Field

Qunatum Molecular Gastronomy Field Illustration of Both Cooking & Werewolves of a Certain Structural Order
Cryopunk Frosttag

Cryopunk Frosttag
Gaming events using liquid nitrogen

Frozen Tofu Demolition Derby

Haute Air Balloon Races

Cryopunk Frosttag
(participants freezing their tofu racers)
Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation

An art collective specializing in cryonic suspension strategies

Temporary Life Extension Chamber (Texas)
Collaborative temporary life-extension booth with the Pedalto Institute

2487: What Memories Real?
Cryonic theater with Shawn Cheatham

2487: What Memories Real?
Cryonic theater with Shawn Cheatham

Cryopunk Gelatorie
Gelato made with liquid nitrogen

2487 Brainfreeze
Cryonic Neurosuspension Unit
that also makes ice cream

2487 Brainfreeze (detail)
Cryonic Neurosuspension Unit
that also makes ice cream

Conehead Suspension
Cryonic Neurosuspension Unit
that also makes snowcones
Novel Pieces
(fictional art pieces described in science fiction novels)

Novel Pieces
(installation view)

Titanic Shrine
from "Sirens of Titan' by Vonnegut

Portable Iraq War Memorial
from 'Spook Country' by Gibson

Found Drama
from 'Infinite Jest' by Wallace

The Temptation of Saint Anthony
from 'Breakfast of Champions' by Vonnegut

The Temptation of Saint Anthony
from 'Breakfast of Champions' by Vonnegut

Turn Around Norman
from 'Skinny Legs and All' by Robbins

Domestic Blend
from 'Diary' by Palahniuk

Thank God for Yubiwaza
from 'White Light' by Rucker

Mongolian Death Worm
from 'Spook Country' by Gibson

I Enjoy Being a Girl
from 'Pure Drivel' by Martin

from 'Songs of Distant Earth' by Clarke
<with the Meme-Rider Media Team>

Enter Starbreath
with the Fluff Constructivists

(Pirate Radio Stations for Alternate Multiple Threat Apocalypses,. Note: project was constructed pre-Twilight Saga, 2006)

The Society for Low-Budget Subversive Love

Wintermoot Mixed Reality Festival
(Annual festival held during Fur Rondy)